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On the Box: Movies with a Motorsport Insight

Motor racing is one of those things that is hard to describe in a movie or television show. Those who compete know what it feels like to succeed and they know the pain of failure. Sometimes it can be difficult to put into words or explain, and there are only a few films that help.

With the impending release of an Ayrton Senna movie later this year, it seems timely to mention a couple of other great films that have caught our attention.

One great classic is Grand Prix. This movie doesn't have the most complex story line, but does feature some amazing (especially for it's time) race footage.

Another is Le Mans. Le Mans features a little more analysis of the driver, and what makes a (stereotypical) racer tick.

Love the Beast is a more recent film by Australian Eric Bana. It follows Bana's development of a racecar for Targa Tasmania, and his competition in the event. Woven within the story is the real theme of the movie - how motorsport can generate and strengthen mateships that transcend everyday life. The movie also works in interviews with Jeremy Clarkson and Jay Leno, known car nuts.

Perhaps the best representation we have seen at iRace HQ is an episode of Top Gear - Series 10, Episode 8. The Top Gear boys put together a production-based BMW to run in a 24 hour endurance race at Silverstone. The episode really manages to highlight some of the highs and lows, and that determination that is needed to press on in motorsport. This episode should be compulsory viewing for anyone thinking of getting into racing. The episode can be purchased individually from the Australian iTunes store, click here to view it in iTunes (make sure you go for Episode 8 of the Series that loads).

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